MSPs used in IPTA DR1 indicated by stars. figure credit: Joris Verbiest

Data Release 1

IPTA Data Release 1 was published in 2015

DR1 GitLab Page

An e-print of the first data release paper can be found on the arXiv.

Combination “A”: a raw form that has jumps, but no EFACs, EQUADs, DM or red-noise models included;

Combination “B”: a default “tempo2” form which includes jumps, EFACs, tempo2-format EQUADs (i.e. following Equation 5), a DM model implemented through DMoffset flags (“-dmo”) added to the ToA lines, a red-noise model in the form of a spectral model compatible with the Cholesky tempo2 code introduced by Coles et al. (2011), but no ECORRs;

Combination “C”: a temponest combination with JUMPS, EFAC, ECORRs, EQUADs (following Equation 6) and DM and red noise models compatible with the temponest code.

Runtime_v1.0: Ephemerides and observatory and clock correction files needed for TEMPO analysis