IPTA Science Meeting 2024

Haus Sexten, Sexten, Italy | 24 - 28 of June 2024

The IPTA meeting this year will open up to the astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics communities at large. The meeting will consist of four days of open sessions plus a half-day ‘closed session’ on Wednesday dedicated to IPTA internal matters. During this day, non-IPTA participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Sexten, immersed in the iconic Dolomites.


The IPTA meeting 2024 will be organised by the Sexten Center of Astrophysics (SCfA) Riccardo Giacconi. SCfA offers the opportunity to meet in an informal environment and carry out collaborative work, surrounded by the spectacular view of the Dolomites. During the daytime the weather is expected to be mild with average temperature of around 22°C. Since we are in a mountainous area, the temperature in the evening can drop as low as 5°C. For more information, visit the official website.

Photo credit: Sexten Center of Astrophysics Riccardo Giacconi
Photo credit: Photo by Sebastian Knoll from Unsplash

The conference will be held at the spacious Congress Hall Haus Sexten:

Haus Sexten
Via Dolomiti 130, 39030 Sexten, Italy


To register for the science week please click the button below. This will redirect you to the Sexten Centre for Astrophysics webpage. The registration fee is 350 euros for postdoctoral and senior researchers, and 300 euros for students. In exceptional cases the fee may be waived. The priority will be given to early-career researchers coming from underfunded institutions. Please note that the registration for the science week is separate from the registration for the student week.

By signing up for the IPTA science week, you agree to abide by the codes of conduct of the conference.

Scientific Programme

Click here to see the full programme of the event


List of the invited speakers

Title Speaker
Simple harmonic analysis for PTAs Bruce Allen
Pulsar Timing Arrays require Hierarchical Models Rutger van Haasteren
Mapping the nanohertz gravitational-wave sky to reveal the origin of the stochastic background Eric Thrane
Unveiling the Solution to the Final-parsec Problem by Combining LISA Observation and Active Galactic Nucleus Survey Xian Chen
Electromagnetic and multi-messenger searches for supermassive black hole binaries Jessie Runnoe
Constraining merger timescales via observations of closely separated pairs of SMBHs Adi Foord
The induced gravitational wave interpretation of PTA data Guillem Domenech
Strong-field tests of gravity with radio pulsars/Testing Gravity with Pulsars around Sagittarius A* Lijing Shao
Dark Matter searches with PTAs Andrea Mitride
Constraining modified gravity with PTA Zu-Cheng Chen
Gravitational waves from the early Universe at PTAs Fabrizio Rompineve
Shedding new light on small-scale perturbation with CMB spectral distortions Jens Chluba
Gravitational-wave detection with the Roman space telescope and other photometric surveys Kris Pardo
Pulsar timing array science with the DSA-2000 Vikram Ravi
SKA : Pulsar science and PTA experiments Bhal Chandra Joshi
Pulsar Scintillation in the Interstellar Zoo Stella Ocker
A NICER View of Neutron Stars Devarshi Choudhury

Click here to see the details on poster session


The Center has an agreement with several local hotels. Please refer to the recommended accomodation list provided by the Sexten Centre for Astrophysics.

Plan your trip

By Plane
We recommend landing in Venice Marco Polo Airport which is 170 km from Sexten. The Sexten Centre for Astrophysics will provide a shuttle service from Venice airport to the conference venue (takes ~2h instead of 4 & 1/2 with public transport). Please click here for more information. The price of the transfer is 60 euros per one passenger per one trip. Alternatively, taxi and car hire are available.
By train
The venue can be reached via train. The nearest train station is San Candido. There is a public bus from San Candido which can take to Sexten (~15 minutes).
From Milano
For participants of the Student Week a separate transfer free of charge will be organised from Milano to Sexten on Sunday. Note: there will be no transfer back to Milano.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held in Haus Sexten. A fine buffet dinner will be prepared by a Michelin chef. The price of the conference dinner is around 50 euros per person (not included in the conference fee).

Photo credit: Sexten Center of Astrophysics Riccardo Giacconi