General information

We are excited to be hosting the first in-person IPTA meetings since 2019 in Australia. The 2023 IPTA Science Meeting will be held in the tropical coastal town of Port Douglas, Queensland from 19-23 June. A preceding Student Workshop will take place from 13-16 June and will be held at the CSIRO Marsfield site in Sydney, NSW.

We acknowledge the Yirrganydji (Irrukandji) people as the traditional land owners of the Port Douglas region where our Science Meeting will be held, and the Wallumedegal people as the traditional land owners of the Marsfield region, where our Student Workshop will take place.

Before registering, please make sure that you review the IPTA code-of-conduct for the meeting.

Please contact Andrew Zic or Ryan Shannon with any inquiries.

Please note that registration and payment for the Student Workshop and Science Meeting is separate!

Important updates

If you have registered for in-person attendance, please reserve your accommodation as soon as possible. We have reserved a block of rooms at the hotel for the science meeting and the block-reservation will be released on May 18, AEST.

The hotel is resort-style, so there are also a number of multi-room apartments that are available. We encourage you to reach out to colleagues to coordinate sharing accommodation. Note that payment for the rooms can be split per-person, which may make the financial arrangements easier in case of multiple sources of travel funding. If you would like to split payment, please mention this when checking in at the hotel. Hotel rooms for the science meeting can be booked here (note that card details are taken to secure the room, but full payment is made at the hotel).

Alternatively, you can contact the booking manager, Rosie Attenborough via email. or phone (+61 (0)7 4084 3500)

For those who may be seeking a colleague for accommodation-sharing, we have set up a nomination form here, or otherwise you can email Ariadna Hernandez privately.

If you have not yet booked accommodation at the Pullman Port Douglas (science meeting conference and accommodation venue), we would appreciate it if you could fill out this form.

Key Dates

14 April: Early registration closes
15 May: Final Registration closes
15 May: Abstract submission closes
01 June: Program announced
13-16 June: Student workshop
19-23 June: Science Meeting

Organising committees

Scientific Organising Committee (SOC)

Sarah Buchner (SARAO)
Thankful Cromartie (Cornell)
Alessia Franchini (Milano-Bicocca)
Kejia Lee (Peking University/Kavli)
Ryan Shannon (Swinburne)
Keitaro Takahashi (Kumamoto University)
Joris Verbiest (Chair, UCF/FSI)
Andrew Zic (CSIRO)

Student Workshop Organising Committee (SWOC)

Andrew Zic (Chair, CSIRO)
Amanda Gray (CSIRO)
George Hobbs(CSIRO)
Ryan Shannon (Swinburne)
Rami Mandow (Macquarie/CSIRO)
Rowina Nathan (Monash)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Jacob Askew (Swinburne)
Yeshe Fenner (Swinburne)
Ariadna Hernandez (Swinburne)
Diana Haikal (Swinburne)
Rami Mandow (Macquarie/CSIRO)
Rowina Nathan (Monash)
Ryan Shannon (Co-Chair, Swinburne)
Kevin Wilson (WVU)
Andrew Zic (Co-Chair, CSIRO)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC)

Rami Mandow (Chair, PPTA)
Maura McLaughlin (NANOGrav)
Jaikhomba Singha (InPTA)
Delphine Perrodin (EPTA)
Neele Kolhe (InPTA)
Kuo Liu (EPTA)
Paul Baker (NANOGrav)